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Print_r with javascript

Taken from this StackOveflow answer.


var obj = {x: 1, y: 2, z: 3};

console.log( JSON.stringify(obj, null, 2) ); // spacing level = 2 The above snippet will print:

  "x": 1,
  "y": 2,
  "z": 3

Grunt or Gulp? Bootstrap chooses Npm

Today, Twitter Bootstrap member mdo submitted a pull request to merge v4-npm into v4-dev, the primary branch for Bootstrap 4.

[The current] build process is way to convoluted. Currently we make use of Grunt, npm, Bundler, Jekyll, etc all just to run our docs and compile source assets. More personally, I find the current dev process incredibly fatiguing—as a maintainer, it's hard to be motivated to jump into this codebase right now. -mdo

After I encountered many blog articles discussing whether to use Grunt or Gulp, it seems this actually seems to be the most ideal solution.

Originally I was thinking Gulp would be our answer, but it's still a task runner build on npm rather than npm itself. -mdo

It's still a WIP

This PR is heavily WIP -mdo Of course, this just a work in progress and isn't meant to be merged yet. There is a checklist of items that need addressing "for developing and distributing Bootstrap" (mdo).

It's still up in the air

Until it's merged or closed, this isn't a guarantee. There are some interesting discussions in this thread.

Links for Developers

This is a collection of links to projects and websites that I find very useful:

  • Mail-in-a-Box - Allows you to run your own, free email server.

  • Pakagist - Find awesome pre-packaged code.

  • RegExr - Test, debug, and investigate regular expressions.

  • CDNJS - Find awesome front end libraries served up by Cloudflare.

  • UserFrosting - Building a user oriented website? This open source, php-based setup comes with all the tools needed to get you started quickly. Features modern coding design with constant improvements. I am part of the development team for this project.

  • GitLab - A free private git service. The underlying code is also open source for anyone to download and run on a private server.

  • Slack - A free chat room service (to put it in its most basic terms) aimed to allow organizations to better collaborate.

  • Font Awesome - An ever-growing icon font library.


GitKraken - GUI for interacting with git servers.

Just for Windows

SnakeTail - Tail log files in windows

Notepad++ - I used to use Notepad. Now, I use Notepad++.

Scoop - Simple package manager with the most common dev tools. It supports the cow easter egg!

C:\> cowsay

           (__)\       )\/\
               ||----w |
               ||     ||

WinMerge - Great tool for finding/merging code differences.

Everything Search - Searches filesystem incredibly fast. Free and very small footprint.


Is it faster to access data from files or a database server?

Meeting The Grouch

A few years back I attended a show at the House of Blues in Boston, Mass. I went to see The Grouch, one of the Living Legends, perform. After his set, he chilled out in his merch booth not 5 feet from the place I had been standing. I got the opportunity to grab a selfie with him and let him know my appreciation for his works.

The Grouch (left), Me (right)

Music Video: The Grouch - "Breath"


and Pep Love from the group Heiroglyphics was there.

Pep Love

Great show.

Come back to the east coast, Grouch!

Hello World!

This is my first post. I've included an image from the first Art Show I participated in as the header. (Header image only visible when viewing the post by itself)