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Links for Developers

Posted: Jul 20th

Links for Developers

This is a collection of links to projects and websites that I find very useful:

  • Mail-in-a-Box - Allows you to run your own, free email server.

  • Pakagist - Find awesome pre-packaged code.

  • RegExr - Test, debug, and investigate regular expressions.

  • CDNJS - Find awesome front end libraries served up by Cloudflare.

  • UserFrosting - Building a user oriented website? This open source, php-based setup comes with all the tools needed to get you started quickly. Features modern coding design with constant improvements. I am part of the development team for this project.

  • GitLab - A free private git service. The underlying code is also open source for anyone to download and run on a private server.

  • Slack - A free chat room service (to put it in its most basic terms) aimed to allow organizations to better collaborate.

  • Font Awesome - An ever-growing icon font library.


GitKraken - GUI for interacting with git servers.

Just for Windows

SnakeTail - Tail log files in windows

Notepad++ - I used to use Notepad. Now, I use Notepad++.

Scoop - Simple package manager with the most common dev tools. It supports the cow easter egg!

C:\> cowsay

           (__)\       )\/\
               ||----w |
               ||     ||

WinMerge - Great tool for finding/merging code differences.

Everything Search - Searches filesystem incredibly fast. Free and very small footprint.


Is it faster to access data from files or a database server?