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Grunt or Gulp? Bootstrap chooses Npm

Posted: Oct 8th

Grunt or Gulp? Bootstrap chooses Npm

Today, Twitter Bootstrap member mdo submitted a pull request to merge v4-npm into v4-dev, the primary branch for Bootstrap 4.

[The current] build process is way to convoluted. Currently we make use of Grunt, npm, Bundler, Jekyll, etc all just to run our docs and compile source assets. More personally, I find the current dev process incredibly fatiguing—as a maintainer, it's hard to be motivated to jump into this codebase right now. -mdo

After I encountered many blog articles discussing whether to use Grunt or Gulp, it seems this actually seems to be the most ideal solution.

Originally I was thinking Gulp would be our answer, but it's still a task runner build on npm rather than npm itself. -mdo

It's still a WIP

This PR is heavily WIP -mdo Of course, this just a work in progress and isn't meant to be merged yet. There is a checklist of items that need addressing "for developing and distributing Bootstrap" (mdo).

It's still up in the air

Until it's merged or closed, this isn't a guarantee. There are some interesting discussions in this thread.